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Message for PGY1 students:
When you start your residency, you will need to be BCLS competent.  If you are attending ACLS in the spring and your BCLS expires soon after, you will need to attend a BCLS course prior to July 1. Your time between May and July will be very busy and it may be difficult to attend a BCLS course within that time interval or during the summer.
All registrants attending the ACLS course,  will be expected to leave with good skills learned and able to apply these skills in  a real cardiac arrest situation. We have attended  numerous arrests and have witnessed poor CPR.  High quality CPR and proper defibrilliation are the only 2 skills that help in resuscitation, therefore this is an important skill to maintain.  
We have provided the convenience of BCLS being available at the end of Day 1,  for all registrants, to avoid their search for a BCLS course later.  They are hard to come by.
Message to all students:
As of Jan. 1, 2013  it is now mandatory that BCLS be a prerequisite to attend the ACLS course.  The Heart and Stroke council has made this guideline since CPR is one of the most important skills in managing a cardiac arrest.  Therefore, any registrant whether it be Dr. or nurse or other allied health professional, all need to have a current BCLS card to attend an ACLS course.
The BCLS must be obtained from a Heart and Stroke instructor.  
A Red Cross, St. John's Ambulance or any other site is not a valid BCLS card to attend an ACLS course.
ACLS course director: Donna Allerton
BCLS course director: Antonie Mulder

Courses are subject to Heart and Stroke Registration fee ($2.50) + HST



As directed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 

BLS will no longer be offered following ACLS




Effective immediately, BLS has to be done PRIOR to ACLS.


To avoid dissapointment, renew early by registering for any session 


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Below posted dates for BLS for Health Care Providers
a.k.a.: BCLS for HCP


2017 Dates will be posted Late December / January
2017 Dates will be posted Late December / January
2018 Dates will be posted Late December / January

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