My Card has expired, now what?

02/01/2014 16:52

As HSF has converted to an electronic data base and issues all certificates, 

please note that the advanced level courses (ACLS, PALS, NRP) require a 



This also applies when you register for BCLS HCP-C renewal courses
If you do not renew your BCLS regularly, the HSF portal may deny registration. 
Eg: This has happened to some participants following their Maternity leave.

Current HSF policy allows for instructor discretion to have you participate in BCLS
retraining beyond the expiry date of your certificate.
However, HSF may limit / deny this when you no longer meet their requirements.


If Heart and Stroke has disabled registration for the HCP renewal course, 

an additional $10.00 fee will be charged.


Any ECC course, including your BCLS status is monitored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
All BCLS, ACLS and PALS certificates are mailed to you by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

For all ECC courses, you will need to register online with your HSFC ID at



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