AED trainers, AEDs, Barrier devices, masks, filters, Manikins, medical equipment and promotional items.

Health Canada licencing in place where required.

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Your one stop shopping solution for AEDs and more.


Take a course with us and qualify for a $100 discount on our HeartSine AEDs.

Medical equipment, CPR manikins or anything else related to Emergency Cardiovascular Care.


If you have completed or registered for a course and wonder where you can find any items that may be needed in your office, clinic or anywhere else... then you have come to the right place.

Whether it is medical equipment or teaching aids, it is all here in one convenient location.

If there are any questions about any of our products, feel free to contact us.

Mulder Nursing Inc. has established distribution partners or contacts in the Canadian market and is always interested in exploring opportunities with other manufacturers looking for a marketing/sales partner to reach Canadian customers or to distribute our brands in their geographic markets. If your products or company are a good fit and you are looking to grow, we would be interested in exploring a business relationship with you.



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